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The Librarian's Maker Cookbook for #MAYkerMonday

This google doc is the recipe book for all the maker projects that your library can do on #MAYkerMonday. You can contribute to it, add ideas, and help us grow this guide to help librarians.

#MAYkerMonday will be held nationally in libraries throughout May on every Monday.  The idea is to encourage librarians to host a program for the maker community on every Monday in May.  This is will be a way for libraries to show that they are participating in the maker movement and for librarians to try out some maker activities that they may not have tried before.  its also a great way to introduce your staff to the make movement if they seem skeptical.  By doing these programs, hosting a maker meetup, or maybe a training around maker spaces for your staff each Monday in May and by using the hashtag #MAYkerMonday libraries can promote the idea that they are community spaces for creativity and learning.