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Stand Out and Be Outstanding: Fearlessly Leading Your Library Career

These conversation starters at ALA are going to be so amazing because they are so relevant to the discussions that so many of us are having online and in our professional spheres right now.  This is one of those discussions.  Take a look at it, comment, and vote!

Stand Out and Be Outstanding: Fearlessly Leading Your Library Career:

What does it mean to lead and be recognized as a leader in the library profession? And what exactly is a rock star librarian, anyway? This session will spark an exchange of ideas about what it means to stand out- and be outstanding- in the library field. A panel of motivated librarians who have participated in California’s Eureka! Leadership Program and/or the ALA Emerging Leaders Program will share their innovative paths to leadership, including strategies for being a leader in any position, taking risks, and balancing personal and professional priorities. The panel will also engage participants in a candid discussion of:

  • Seeing the big picture in your library career 
  • Standing out from the crowd: why visibility matters 
  • Being a ‘rock star’: help or hindrance? 
  • Haters gonna hate: dealing with backlash 

Join us in this interactive session to gain ideas for cultivating your leadership role in the library field, and sound off about what you think defines a true library leader.